Mobile Support

Getting Started

PNCC's nationwide system offers 3G/4G coverage in Koror and Airai plus Ngchesar, Melekeok, Ngatpang, Ngaremlengui, Ngarchelong and Peleliu, with 2G/3G service in all other states from Kayangel to Angaur. See Mobile nationwide network map for cell site locations or download the map here. IMPORTANT: Mobile wireless service quality in any area varies depending on network traffic, signal strength, the type of phone equipment, weather, and terrain. Mobile service is not intended to replace marine radio communications.

Your phone must be UNLOCKED for voice, SMS and mobile data. The network specifications are:

  • 4G - LTE 700 (Band 28) 3G - WCDMA 900 (Band 8) 2G - GSM 900
  • 3G - WCDMA 900 (Band 8)
  • 2G - GSM 900

SIM cards are sold at the PNCC offices in Koror and Airai, plus selected vendors. For prepaid service, there are no deposits required.

If you have a prepaid Mobile account, you can add more Airtime minutes to your account with AIRTIME cards, which are sold conveniently in various denominations at over 100 retail locations. See back of Airtime card for instructions.

To transfer Airtime to a prepaid or postpaid Mobile number, dial *780# for main menu and select 3 for Transfer, or text to: *670*destination cell number*amount#. Enter amount as 100 for $1.00, 50 for $0.50, etc.

Prepaid (776, 778, 779) and postpaid (775) accounts enjoy several convenient calling features: Voice Mall, Call Waiting with Caller ID, Call Forward to a local or international number, and Call Hold. Airtime charges apply only when you use the features. To use any of these features, all you have to do is turn it on in your cell phone menu. Availability of features varies according to phone model. Please check your cell phone's user manual. Long distance rates also apply to Call Forward-International, and 775 numbers must subscribe to an international long distance account to forward to international numbers.

The phone numbers of incoming calls to your mobile phone appear on your phone‚'s display, so you can decide whether you want to accept the call or not. When you call from your Mobile number, it appears on landline Caller ID, as well as other cellular phones.

Prepaid Mobile numbers (770, 776, 778, 779) expire 90 days from purchase date if not activated. If the prepaid number (SIM) is not recharged with Airtime within 90 days after first activation (*78 or *780#), it will be suspended. If suspended, the number will not be able to make calls or send texts, although you can still receive texts.

Recharge it with a new Airtime load before 90 days. Each recharge extends the validity period according to the value of the Airtime load: $10 gives a validity period of 30 days ($25 and $50 cards = 60 days). The new load amount is added to current remaining balance in your account.

Long distance calls incur a per minute airtime charge as well as the applicable long distance rate. Special Promotion: NO LOCAL AIRTIME Charges for OVERSEAS CALLS from Prepaid Mobile Numbers effective 3/1/19 until further notice

Dialing Instructions-Prepaid Accounts (776, 778, 779)

Dialing Instructions-Prepaid Accounts

Dialing Instructions-Postpaid Accounts (775)

  • Sign up for a PNCC long distance account (IDD)
    and dial direct (deposit may be required).
  • Prepaid plans: Peak hours are 6:00 a.m. to 5:59 p.m. daily. Off-peak hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. daily. Special Promotion: ALL LOCAL AIRTIME PREPAID VOICE CALLS ONLY 15¢ per minute all day everyday effective 3/1/19 until further notice.
  • On monthly plans, enjoy the convenience of one low per minute rate any time of the day.
  • Both incoming calls received and outgoing calls made from your cellular number are charged (this applies to both local and international calls).
  • All voice calls are calculated on a one-minute minimum.
  • Included minutes on monthly plans do not roll over to the next month.
  • Calls to 411 directory assistance are charged at the applicable per minute rate for your plan plus $0.53 per call.
  • Calls to 611 (PNCC trouble reports) are FREE
  • Calls to 911(Emergency) are FREE and can be made even if you are out of Airtime or your number is suspended, as long as your SIM is valid.
  • For current rates call PNCC Customer Service at 680-488-9000.

Mobile Data Service

All Mobile numbers (770, 776, 778, 779, 775) use prepaid Airtime to activate data plans. Dial *780# to see plans. Mobile postpaid numbers can use either prepaid Airtime or postpaid mobile data.

3G/4G technology enables internet access via the Mobile wireless system, so you can go online anywhere there is a cellular signal. 3G is "third generation" and 4G is "fourth generation" offering internet speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Both mobile data and Wi-Fi deliver Internet access via wireless signals to compatible devices. Wi-Fi is fixed Internet access within the limited range of the Wi-Fi hotspot (e.g., in a restaurant or hotel lobby area). Mobile data offers you the convenience of online access wherever there is a Mobile signal.

Smartphones and tablets that can support the Mobile network bands:

  • 4G-LTE 700 (Band 28)
  • 3G-WCDMA 900 (Band 8)

3G Mobile data service is offered in all states from Kayangel to Angaur. As of 2017, 4G service is available in Koror, and Airai; more 4G sites are planned.

  • No sign-up required if you have a valid Mobile SIM.
  • Use Airtime cards for prepaid mobile data.
  • All Mobile customers, both prepaid (776, 778, 779) and postpaid (775) can use prepaid mobile data service
  • Your smartphone must be compatible with WCDMA - however only postpaid numbers (775) may apply for postpaid mobile data plans.
  • Your smartphone settings must be configured to access mobile data.
  • The data usage rate is the same for both 3G and 4G mobile data service.
  • Save with prepaid data plans: dial *780# for info.
  • For current rates and plans, call 488-9000.

Voice Mail

Turn on Voice Mail service in your cell phone by call forwarding to Voice Mall Number 777. No sign-up or monthly service charge, and it's free to check your messages from your cell phone (dial 777). Incoming messages sent to Voice Mail are charged regular Airtime rates for voice calls.

With Mail for your cell phone, you can get messages when your cell phone is busy, turned off or out of the service area.

  • Check messages from your cellphone, or any landline in the world.
  • Personalize a greeting and change it at any time.
  • Each message has a date and time notation.
  • Personal password protects your privacy.
  • New messages (unopened) are saved for 14 days; old (opened) messages are kept for 7 days

There is no monthly service charge, and it's free to check Voice Mail messages from your cell phone or a landline. Incoming messages are charged regular Airtime rates, at a minimum of one minute per message and a maximum of two minutes each. For postpaid (775) customers, the Airtime minutes are deducted from the minutes included in your plan just like a regular voice call.

Turn on Voice Mail by Call Forwarding to Voice Mail Number 777. (To deactivate Voice Mail, turn off Call Forwarding to 777). Important: When you activate your Voice Mail box, set your password to keep your messages private: Dial 777 from your cell phone; select 2 for Set Mall box, then 3 for Set Password.

Dial 777 from your cell phone, press 2 to set mail box, then 1 for "Record a Greeting".

A text message indicator will appear in your cell phone display. When you check your text messages, the Voice Mail will appear as an incoming text from PNCC 6-digit number: 777777.

From your cell phone dial 777 (FREE) and follow the voice instructions.

Call Waiting takes precedence over Voice Mail so you can pick up the second call; If you do not answer it will be forwarded to Voice Mail.

Please call Customer Service at 488-9000. Your password can be reset so you can set up a new password. There may be a charge for this service.

International Texting — Dialing Instructions

Dialing instructions for sending international text (ISMS) from Palau (enter numbers with no spaces):

International Texting Instruction

Both prepaid and postpaid customers can use international texting. An IDD (international direct dialing) subscription is not required for postpaid users to send international text, only for long distance calls.

Replying to an international text message is the same as replying to a local text; no need to re-enter the sender's number.

Incoming international text messages are FREE, and outgoing messages are just .20¢ per send (160 characters).*

  • Prepaid:Charges are deducted from the Airtime load.
  • Postpaid monthly plans: International text messages are billed In addition to the monthly plan rate.*

NOTE: Please dial the number carefully to avoid sending to the wrong number, since every international text message sent is non-refundable and will be charged 20¢ per send of 160 characters.*

There are several reasons you may not get a reply to your international text message.

  • The mobile operator that your friend is using must have an international texting agreement with PNCC (see list).
  • Ask your friend to check with their mobile operator to confirm the correct dialing pattern for texting to Palau.

If you continue to have problems, please call 611 to report the details, including your originating number, the overseas cell number, and the date and time the message was sent.

*rates subject to change

Mobile Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Possible Causes What to Do
No bars (valid SIM) You are outside of the Mobile service area. See Mobile coverage map.
Your phone was out of the network coverage area and when it comes back to the network, the phone doesn't automatically register-again. User can search the network and to try to manually register, or just power cycle the phone (turn it off and on again).
Can't send or receive text messages (SMS or ISMS) Your cellphone's inbox is full. Some mobile phones stop you from making and receiving texts when your inbox is full (the limit varies by phone model). Try deleting old messages to free up space in your inbox.
Prepaid cell number has been suspended due to 90 days without an Airtime load Reload prepaid Airtime. Airtime cards are sold in denominations of $10, $25, and $50. Note: After 180 days of no Airtime load, your number will expire.
International Text problems–wrong dialing pattern, or overseas mobile operator does not have ISMS agreement with PNCC. Call PNCC Operator 587-9904 for current overseas mobile operators available for international texting.
Can't make voice calls (recording tells you zero balance) Prepaid Accounts (776, 778, 779): If your Airtime balance is lower than the cost of a call or text, you will only be able to receive incoming texts, which are free. You will not be able to receive or make voice calls, or send text. (For other issues with texting, see above). Reload prepaid Airtime. Airtime cards are sold in denominations of $10, $25, and $50.
Text messages are delayed or not delivered You are outside of the Mobile service area. When you return to an area covered by Mobile service, you will be able to send and‚ receive text messages again. Text messages are stored on the system for 72 hours if they cannot be delivered when sender/receiver is out of service area, or the phone is off.
No Service (no voice calls or texts) You are outside of the Mobile service area. See Mobile coverage map.
If your cell phone's wireless network settings are set to 4G only you will not get voice and text service outside the 4G coverage area. Check wireless network settings-network mode should be set to automatic.
No mobile data service Smartphone model is not compatible with the Mobile system. To use Mobile mobile data, the network specifications are: 4G–LTE 700(Band 28) and 3G–WCDMA 900(Band 8)
4G mobile data is not turned on in cellphone networking settings. Turn on mobile data in your cellphone network settings (check your device's user guide). Ensure your Access Point Name (APN) is: palaucel
Wireless Network settings are set to GSM/2G. Change wireless network settings to 4G/3G automatic.
Cellphone's wireless networking is not set to access PNCC. APN Name and APN = palaucel Network Mode = Automatic.
When using mobile data, Airtime is used up too fast. (how to manage data usage) If you leave mobile data turned on in your cellphone settings, even when you are not online, automatic background updates from apps in your smartphone can use up your Airtime. To prevent unwanted data charges, TURN OFF mobile data in your cellphone settings and only turn it on when you wish to go online. Also turn off auto-updates and pushes. If auto-updates are left on in your phone settings, your phone will constantly check in with apps to see if there’s an update. If you allow push notifications, each time your phone looks for them, it uses extra data.
When using a prepaid data plan, I didn’t get a warning before the plan expired Your mobile data remaining balance was above the limit that triggers the notice when you went online, and the data was used up before you turned data off, so no warning message is sent before expiration. The system only updates your prepaid data plan balance and sends a warning notice if your balance is low. Please monitor your data usage by checking balance via *500#

If you don't see the answer to your question in this guide, call 611 to make a trouble report or call 488-9000 for Customer Service.

FAQ - International Roaming for Mobile Customers Travelling Overseas

International roaming is the ability to use your cellular phone (and number) while traveling away from your home network. This service allows you to connect to the mobile network of the location you are visiting without buying another SIM card.

Yes, roaming for Mobile customers on monthly (postpaid/775) plans is available for travelers to the following countries.
Note: roaming is not available for prepaid Mobile accounts.

PNCC International Roaming Partners:

  • Andorra
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Austria
  • Barbados
  • Belgium
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cambodia
  • Cape Verde
  • Cayman Islands
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Dominica
  • Federated States of Micronesia*
  • Fiji
  • France
  • French Polynesia
  • Germany
  • Grenada
  • Guam
  • Guernsey
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Korea, South
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Montserrat
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Pennsylvania, USA
  • Philippines*
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Sri Lanka
  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Vincent and The Grenadines
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Tunisia
  • Turk & Caicos Islands
  • Vietnam

*Data roaming not available

Visitors from Palau who want to roam on the Mobile partner mobile networks just need to:

  1. Have a muti-band GSM phone (e.g. 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz).
  2. Sign up for roaming service at PNCC before you travel overseas. Note, your Mobile SIM may need to be updated (there is no charge to change SIM card for roaming).

To add the Roaming capability to your Mobile monthly plan, just visit PNCC and sign up for Roaming Service before you travel overseas. There is no activation fee for roaming service; an IDD long distance account is required ($50 deposit for individuals, $250 deposit for business accounts).

Upon arrival overseas, just turn on your cellphone. Your mobile phone will pick up the signal from the partner network.

The visited operator network quickly validates your mobile phone service with the PNCC Mobile system (your home operator) by verifying your service and roaming capability. Once PNCC confirms that your service and roaming ability are valid, your mobile phone is ready to be used within the visited network.

This process is completely automatic, and it typically takes only a few minutes for your mobile phone to be recognized on the visited network.

*Rates are subject to change

Rates for Mobile Roaming

Using mobile data in the visited country:
Data usage is deducted from your Mobile plan allowance. Note: you must be subscribed to a monthly plan that includes postpaid data to use it when roaming. 775 accounts using prepaid data cannot use mobile data overseas, only voice and text message services.

Calling any local number in the visited country:
$2 per minute local Airtime

Calling outside of the visited country:
$3 per minute long distance plus the local Airtime charge of $2 per minute

Calling another Mobile roamer in the visited country:
Same as a long distance call ($3/min. long distance plus $2/minute local Airtime) since your call is routed through Palau and back to the visited country

All incoming calls to your mobile phone, including calls sent to your Mobile Voice Mail box:
Same as a long distance call ($3/min. long distance plus $2/minute local Airtime) since your call is routed through Palau and back to the visited country

Text Messages to and from Mobile Roamers:
- All incoming text messages to roamers are FREE.
- Each outgoing text message sent by a Mobile roamer is 40 cents per send.

Important Notes:

  • Roamers are not billed directly by the visited operator. You will be billed at home on your regular PNCC monthly bill.
  • To avoid charges for incoming messages to Mobile Voice Mail, you must deactivate your Call Forward to Voice Mail Number 777 before leaving Palau.
  • All calls forwarded to your Mobile number while you are roaming will be charged roaming rates; if you do not wish to incur these charges you must deactivate all call forwarding before you leave Palau (including CF from a landline or another Mobile number).
  • Calls made by roamers with Wireless Volume Plan subscriptions to other numbers in the volume plan are not covered by the plan and are charged as any roaming call to Palau (long distance + airtime). Calls from Palau to a roamer by members of the Wireless Volume Plan are treated just like a local call so they are covered by the plan.
  • Free minutes included with Mobile Plans are only valid within Palau (domestic minutes). All Airtime and long distance used while roaming overseas are chargeable at roaming rates outside the plan.

All calls and text messages sent by Mobile customers in Palau to Mobile roamers are rated as local calls and texts, with no long distance charges.

Yes, copies of roaming bill details are available for $2.12 per account/per month or portion thereof (upon request, within 3-5 working days).

*Rates are subject to change

Dialing Instructions: Voice Calls

Enter the international access code (+) and the correct country code for the country you are calling, along with the area code or city code (if necessary) plus the telephone number (omitting the leading zero if any).

For example, to call the Mobile mobile number 680 775 XXXX when roaming in Taiwan, dial (with no plus signs or spaces): +680775XXXX

To dial a local number in Taiwan, simply dial the local fixed line or cellular number, e.g. XXX-XXX-XXX in Taiwan (no international access codes required).

For a local number to call a Mobile Roamer in the visited country (e.g. Taiwan caller to Mobile Roamer in Taiwan), the dialing instructions are the same as long distance dialing, because the call to a roamer originates in the visited country, terminates in Palau, and is then routed back to the visited country. The usual long distance charges for calling the roamer's home country will apply.

When a customer is roaming overseas (e.g. Taiwan), their friends and family back home can call their local Palau number just as they normally would, with no long distance charges.

Dialing Instructions: Texting

After typing in the text message dial:
+ country code + area code or city code (if necessary) + local number (with no spaces or plus signs)

Use a + in front of the entire number or before the country code:

Roamer in Taiwan texting to Palau: +68077XXXXX
Roamer in Taiwan texting to Taiwan: +886XXXXXXXXX

Same as sending a local text in Palau, charged as a local text (6 cents per send).

Using Voice Mail When Roaming

If you leave your call forward directed to Mobile Voice Mail Number 777 then it will still work while you are roaming (and will incur charges).

Callers will be able to leave messages and you will be able to check them when you return to Palau. (Currently there is no way to call into your voice mail box when you are overseas).

It's recommended that you change your voice mail greeting before you leave to tell callers your return date and that you will return any messages then; or you can put your email contact info into your voicemail greeting if they need to reach you while you are off-island.

If you prefer not to incur roaming charges for your Mobile Voice Mail, you must deactivate it before you leave Palau (by cancelling your Call Forward to Voice Mail Number 777).

Calls sent to your Mobile Voice Mail box are charged minimum one minute, maximum two minutes of roaming Airtime ($2/min.) plus long distance ($3/min).

For more information: Call PNCC at 488-9000 or email to: