About Us

About Us

Palau National Communications Corporation

Connecting Palau to the World since 1982 — Palau's first and largest fiber optic network

Palau National Communications Corporation was established in 1982 to develop a national communication system for the emerging nation of Palau. Beginning with only 200 customers in the population centers of Koror and Airai, PNCC tackled its challenging mission to build a modern telecommunications network nationwide.

Today there are over 41,000 subscriptions from Kayangel to Angaur for internet, mobile, digital TV, and fixed line. PNCC customers enjoy full-service communications with the latest technology, via a domestic Next Generation Network (NGN) and superfast international fiber optic connectivity.

PNCC is a public corporation, wholly self-supported by customer revenues. Today's rapid changes in the communications industry stimulate customer demands for constant innovation and quality service, so PNCC invests heavily each year to upgrade its infrastructure, systems and products. Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) in recent years have upgraded the entire network to connect to Palau’s new submarine fiber optic cable, which officially launched commercial service on December 7, 2017.

PNCC Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to meet Palau's telecommunications needs including universal service. We envision ourselves as the preferred choice. As the national communications corporation of the Republic, we are committed to improving ourselves to best serve our customers through technological advancements, quality products and customer-focused services. We align ourselves as one to maximize our customers' satisfaction and to do the right thing for our communities.