Palau Goods and Services Tax (PGST)

Effective January 1, 2023, PNCC will begin collecting the Palau Goods & Services Tax on all products and services. PNCC will remit the 10% PGST to the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation but the price you pay will only increase by 6%. For more information please see our PGST FAQ.

*Includes PGST tax effective 1/1/2023

Communications for Visitors to Palau

Hi-Speed Internet for Visitors in Palau

PNCC WiFi Hotspots

*All Prices are PGST inclusive

PNCC 4G Mobile

  • Fast Convenient Mobile Data
  • Save with Data Plans: Dial *780#
  • 4G/3G COVERAGE: Koror, Airai, Melekeok, Ngarchelong, Ngaremlengui, Ngchesar, Peleliu
  • 3G/2G COVERAGE: other states
  • 4G: Band 28(700) | 3G: WCDMA-900
  • Prepaid SIM only $10.60 with $10 Airtime load *Prepaid SIM cards include Standard, Micro and Nano SIM formats.

  • Prepaid SIM cards sold at PNCC 8am-4pm daily Monday-Friday, and at selected resellers.

  • Use Airtime Cards for local and overseas calls and text, plus mobile data
  • Prepaid Airtime Top-up Cards are sold in our online store and at PNCC retail stores.

*All Prices are PGST inclusive

4G Pocket WiFi Rental Service

As low as $19.08/day

Stay Connected in Palau!

Pocket Wifi Device

Palau's only 4G Pocket WiFi Service for Visitors

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Video Streaming
  • Upload your photos to social media
  • Internet Browsing

Up to 3 devices can use 4G Pocket WiFi at the same time

Plan Data Amount Duration days Total
Short-Stay Plan New! 25 GB 5 days $132.50
Long-Stay Plan New! 60 GB 14 days $265

*All Prices are PGST inclusive

Reserve your 4G Pocket WiFi online here.

Airport Kiosk CLOSED As of March 20, 2020 Until further notice
4G WiFi Rental Devices reserved online may be picked up at PNCC Koror 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday (Call 488-9000).

Please call 680-587-9000 or 680-488-9000, or email to for more information.


  • You can connect 4G Pocket WiFi to maximum 3 devices at the same time.
  • 4G/3G network in Koror and Airai; 3G/2G in other states.
  • Plan expires when data is used up or plan period ends, whichever comes first.

PNCC Kiosk Location Map

Airai Hq Office
PNCC Airai HQ Office
In Airai State next to Airport
Open M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm
Tel: +680-587-9000
View Map
Koror Office
PNCC Koror Office
On Main Street across Post Office
Open M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm
Tel: +680-488-9000
View Map
Airport Kiosk
PNCC Airport Kiosk

Airport Kiosk CLOSED As of March 20, 2020 Until further notice

4G WiFi Rental Devices reserved online may be picked up at PNCC Koror 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday (call 488-9000).

To Our Valued Customers: While our Airport Kiosk is closed, regular business operations will continue at our PNCC Koror and Airai locations, including sales of Visitor SIM Cards and Prepaid SIM cards.

For assistance, please:

  • Email to
  • Call 488-9000 Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm
  • Call 587-9904 Monday through Friday 8am-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

How to call overseas in Palau

Overseas Call Discount Banner

*All Prices are PGST inclusive

Calling overseas from a Mobile?

Use PNCC Mobile Airtime Cards

  • Long distance calls from prepaid mobile incur international charge, as low as 21¢ per minute.
  • Dial 587-9904 for info (8am-9pm M-F, 8am-5pm on weekends).
  • Sold at PNCC & 100+ retail stores

PNCC WiFi Hotspot Locations

PNCC WiFi User Guide

  • Enjoy faster speeds, easy to use
  • 2 Options for access via:
    • PNCC Prepaid Internet Card
      $2.12 Unlimited 2 Days! • $5.30/10 hours • $10.60/20 hours
      Buy your prepaid Internet cards in our online store
    • PalauNet Account* User ID and Password
      (except for email accounts); valid for Internet access only
      Do not enter entire address as WiFi User ID:
      Example: User ID =; only enter pncc
      *monthly plans vary from $15.90/for 15 hours to $105.94 for unlimited

    *All Prices are PGST inclusive

How to Log On

  • Turn on your device's* wireless access, select PNCC WiFi Hotspot.
    *Using a WiFi 802.11 b/g enabled device.
  • Open your web browser and type any website in address bar OR
  • Wait for redirection to the login page.
  • Log-in by entering your user ID and password. Minimize Logout page (don't close it).
  • Log-out by clicking LOGOUT button on login/logout page OR go to

High-Speed Wireless Internet Access

Log On with PNCC Prepaid Internet Card

More than 250 locations Nationwide

Koror Wifi Locations