Enjoy the Freedom

Nationwide PalauCel Mobile Service

Super Fast Mobile Data


  • Use prepaid Airtime for voice, text and mobile data
  • Dial *780# for prepaid data plans
  • PalauCel SIM cards available at PNCC in Koror, and Airai
  • Variety of affordable monthly plans offered
  • International roaming — select 55201

Easy and Affordable

  • Prepaid PalauCel service offers low rates and no hassles
  • No Monthly Bills
  • No Annual Contracts, No Credit Checks And No Security Deposit Required
  • Prepaid Airtime Cards are sold at over 100 locations
Mobile Prepaid Airtime Card

Sign up at
PNCC Customer Support

in Koror across from the Post Office or in Airai next to the Airport. Call 488-9000



Palau's Only Nationwide Service

4G-LTE 700 (Band 28), 3G-WCDMA 900 (Band 8), 2G-GSM 900

International Roaming 55201 or PLW01
Save with data plans: Dial *780#

SIM cards sold at PNCC Koror & Airai

Buy Airtime cards at more than 100 locations

Palau Coverage Map

Palau Coverage Map

PalauCel Plans

Prepaid Plans

New Mobile Data Plans

Enjoy the freedom of a LOT more data for the same price as before!
Effective: February 7, 2018
$25 $15 $8 $2
Was 2GB
Now 8GB
Was 1GB
Now 4GB
Was 500MB
Now 2GB
Was 100MB
Now 500MB
30 Days 15 Days 8 Days 2 Days

Dial *780#

Did you know? You can now:

  • Activate multiple plans
  • Carry over unused data*

*Just activate a new plan before your data is used up or before your plan ends

Prepaid Bundles
For 776, 778, 779

Data, Voice Call, Text

All in One

30 Days 15 Days 8 Days 2 Days
$25 $15 $8 $2
Mobile Data
Mobile Data
Mobile Data
Mobile Data
2000 Text
Local to PalauCel SIM
1000 Text
Local to PalauCel SIM
500 Text
Local to PalauCel SIM
100 Text
Local to PalauCel SIM
Voice Call
190 minutes
(Local to or from PNCC)
Voice Call
90 minutes
(Local to or from PNCC)
Voice Call
40 minutes
(Local to or from PNCC)
Voice Call
5 minutes
(Local to or from PNCC)

All Incoming Texts Are Free!
Dial *780# to activate a bundle plan
Effective: May 1, 2018
Call 488-9000 for more information

Postpaid Plans

Plan Monthly Fee** Included Airtime Minutes Additional Airtime Minutes Local Text
Basic $20 200 25¢ Free
Business $50 500 23¢ Free
Power $99 1000 20¢ Free

Plus! Unlimited Plan $150/mo. & Volume Plan $50/mo./each number (min. 5)
*Deposit may be waived for customers with good credit history.

New 775

Postpaid Data Plans

Good News! 775 users can now sign up for a mobile data plan to be billed monthly, instead of using Prepaid Airtime Cards.
Monthly Rate GB included Extra GB
$20 10 $5/GB
$25 15 $5/GB
$30 20 $5/GB

Call 488-9000 for more information