Reliable and Affordable Telephone Services

Local Phone

Local Telephone

  • Nationwide calling for one flat monthly rate
  • Special calling features
  • Palau’s only official phone directory
  • Dial 411 for directory assistance (first 5 calls each month are free)
Long Distance

Long Distance

  • Low rates and convenience
  • Call via international direct dial, calling cards, and PalauCel mobile service

Long Distance Telephone Services

It's Easy to Call Long Distance from Palau

Buy Debusch Prepaid Phone Cards at retail shops, restaurant and hotels throughout Palau, call PNCC Sales 488-9600 or dial "0" for the location nearest you.

  • Lowest Rates for Quality Service
  • Debusch prepaid phone cards-wholesale and retail
  • Debusch Charge Cards
  • Long Distance Calls via PalauCel mobile service