General Policies

Interruption of Service

When service is interrupted for a period of at least 48 hours after notice by the subscriber to the company, a credit allowance equal to 1/30 of the tariffed monthly rate for all services and equipment furnished by PNCC rendered useless shall apply for each 24 hours, or major fraction thereof, during which the interruption continues.


Telephone customers must supply their own telephone or other terminal equipment and connect it directly to the telephone network. Instruments may be purchased directly from PNCC or from any telephone equipment supplier.

PNCC does not hold responsibility for maintenance and repair of or free replacement of broken instruments. PNCC reserves the right to limit any instrument which interferes with the satisfactory operation of a telephone line.

Wire Tapping / Recording of Phone Calls

Whenever a telephone call is being recorded, whether for business or for other reasons, an audible beeping tone will be heard every 15 seconds. Use of a beep tone warning device is required unless all parties consent to the recording. Police and Fire Department lines with emergency reporting systems are exempt from this rule.

Telephone Directory

A directory is supplied to each subscriber without charge and is the property of PNCC. Reproduction of any portion of this directory without permission is prohibited.

Directory Errors and Omissions

PNCC is not liable for damage arising from errors in or omissions of directory listings for which no charge is made. Liability for errors or omissions of listings for which a charge is made shall be limited to the amount of such charge.

Obscene and Annoying Calls

Annoying, harassing, and threatening calls/communications (e.g. texting) via PNCC facilities are punishable under the law. PNCC may refuse service to anyone who uses or permits abusive or obscene language over its facilities or impersonates another individual with fraudulent or malicious intent. If you receive such calls, hang up immediately. Threatening calls/communications should be reported immediately to the police.

Use of Residence Telephone for Business Purposes

Residence telephones are installed with the understanding that they will be used for normal social or domestic purposes. A residence telephone will be changed to business service if used primarily or substantially for business purposes, or if the residence number is advertised in connection with the sale of products or services.

Responsibility for Long Distance Charges

All long distance charges will be billed to the telephone number where the call was placed unless the call is placed with special billing instruments by the calling party. It is the customer's responsibility to make certain that only authorized persons place or accept calls at his or her telephone!


Application forms are available at the Customer Service Offices in Koror and Airai. The minimum age to apply for PNCC services is 18, and a picture ID is required. A deposit is required for some services. Please call 488-9000 for more information on how to apply for services.

Customer Service Policies


All PNCC employees want to be as courteous and helpful to you as possible. If you ever feel that the service provided to you is unsatisfactory, please report it to the PNCC Customer Service Office.

If you don't feel you've gotten satisfaction from the representative, ask to speak to a supervisor. If you are still not satisfied, ask to speak with the Department Manager. We want to resolve any problems that may exist as quickly as possible.

Identification of Employees

Customers may request employees of PNCC, whose duties require them to enter your home or other premises, to show their official PNCC identification cards.