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Buy your prepaid cards to use PNCC services in Palau or to send to someone as a gift:

  • Airtime for mobile voice, text, and data
  • Internet for WiFi Hotspots and HomeNet

When you buy a prepaid card online, the PIN number for the card is sent to you via email.

Please note: Online purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.

For volume discount on purchases over $100,
please visit PNCC offices in Koror and Airai.

Call 488-9000 for details.

Click here for User Instructions:

NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2023, PNCC will begin collecting the Palau Goods & Services Tax on all products and services. PNCC will remit the 10% PGST to the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation but the price you pay will only increase by 6%. For more information please see our PGST FAQ

  • Airtime Card face value will remain the same since the PGST will already be added to the rates of any prepaid services you use with these "multiple-use" cards.
  • Internet Card face value will increase by 6% and be charged at the point of purchase, since Internet cards are only for a single purpose and set duration.
Prepaid Service Type Current Price New PGST Inclusive Price
Prepaid Internet Card $2 $2.12
Prepaid Internet Card $5 $5.30
Prepaid Internet Card $10 $10.60

Airtime Card (mobile recharge)


Internet Card


(Unlimited 2 days)


(Unlimited 5 days)


(Unlimited 15 days)