PNCC Uniform Design Contest

March 29 - April 30, 2024

Pncc Uniform Design Contest


Announcing PNCC’s uniform design contest!

We're calling on visionaries and artists to create designs for wearable art that captures the essence of PNCC—a harmonious blend of high-tech expertise and treasured Palauan motifs. This design competition is your chance to help us express our unique identity.

Dare to reimagine what a uniform can represent, creating visual ambassadors of a brand that connects people, not just through products and services, but through shared values and a collective heritage. Your design could redefine the way we wear our identity, both as a company and as a community.


  • If your design concept is selected to be developed for printing on PNCC’s new uniforms, you’ll receive a cash prize of $1000!

  • Two Runner-ups will receive a consolation prize of $100 Airtime each.

How to Enter

  • To enter the Contest, create a graphic design concept sketch that can be adapted to print on different types of clothing items and related, such as Polo shirts, Work shirts (for techs), Office shirts, and Consumer wear and merchandise (merch) like t-shirts and tote bags.

  • You may submit up to 3 different design concepts (sketches).

  • Submit your entries via email to

  • Each design must be a digital file in high-resolution file formats such as .pdf, .png, or .jpeg [if your original artwork is on paper, please scan it into one of these formats for submission].

  • It’s recommended that you put your concept sketch onto a blank polo shirt template (front, and back if applicable).

  • Your Entry will be included in the final judging by PNCC, along with all other validly submitted Entries, based on the criteria described below.

Guidelines for Creating Entries

  • The theme of the design should reflect PNCC’s brand of high-tech and Palauan cultural identity. See Summary above and PNCC Brand Identity below.

  • Our new uniform will move beyond the conventional placement of a logo on the pocket area. We encourage expansive designs that wrap around the shirt's border or cover a section or the entire shirt.

  • Your designs should be adaptable to various forms of clothing pieces and merchandise (“merch”) as listed above (see “How to Enter”).

  • Entries are not required to include the PNCC logo.

  • For reference, PNCC’s Mission is:

    To provide Access to world-class communications,
    Resilient connectivity, and Empowerment in the digital era.
    We ARE PNCC, We ARE Palau, We ARE You

PNCC Brand Identity

  • The winning design will be the best, most creative entry that communicates PNCC’s brand identity of high technulogy and Palauan culture.

  • The brand identity for Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) embodies technology innovation, reliability, cultural integrity, environmental responsibility, connectivity and community. Key points include:

    • Innovation: PNCC should be seen as a technology pioneer.

    • Reliability: Emphasize quality service and network stability for customer trust.

    • Cultural Integrity: Reflect Palauan values and traditions in services.

    • Environmental Responsibility: Promote eco-friendly practices.

    • Connectivity and Community: Emphasize technology's role in connecting people for personal, educational, or business purposes.

  • This multi-faceted identity guides our design, messaging, and overall strategy, making PNCC not just a service provider, but a vital part of the Palauan community.


  • This contest is open to all.

  • If you participate in this Contest, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of PNCC, which shall be final and binding.

  • PNCC employees are not eligible.

PNCC Uniform Design Contest Rules (127 kb)